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    What’s the deal with pill testing?
    Music festivals under threat
    Victoria has some of the best music festivals in the world, but right now they are under siege.
    We are seeing more and more police at festivals and we know this has unintended consequences.
    When the police turn up in numbers, they often invoice the festival promoter for their attendance. In many cases, this has been hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is bankrupting festivals and forcing many to close.
    We need a new approach that empowers young people to look after themselves while promoting the many festivals in Victoria that promote diversity and artistic talent in our state.
    Staying Safe: What’s in your pill?
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    Pill testing will never tell you that what you are taking is safe.
    But it can let you know that what you are taking is what you expect it to be – and that’s important.
    Pills in Australia are among the most contaminated in the world. They’re also getting stronger. A standard dose of MDMA is 75mg but pills containing over 300mg have been identified in Australia.
    That’s the difference between a good time on the dance floor and a horrible time in the emergency department, or possibly worse.
    Pill testing can identify possibly lethal substances, such as PMMA, NBOMe or N-ethyl pentylone.
    Most people who find out their pills contain harmful substances throw them away, and tell their mates to do the same.
    This is just one of the ways pill testing keeps you safe.
    What we’re calling for
    If the police can’t keep drugs out of prisons, they won’t keep them out of festivals.
    A good government would empower young people with information, rather than punishing them for wanting to have a good time.
    Our demands are simple:
    1. Bring pill testing to Victoria
    2. Issue public health warnings on dangerous pills
    Sign our letter to the Premier
    Add your voice to the thousands of young Victorians calling for pill testing by signing our letter to the Premier.
    Dear Premier Andrews and Minister for Mental Health Martin Foley:
    The Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Amendment (Pill Testing Pilot for Drug Harm Reduction) Bill 2019 was recently introduced into the Victorian Parliament.
    This Bill allows pill testing at both music festivals and a fixed site location for more detailed analysis.
    I’m calling on you and your Government to support this law reform.
    For too long we have tried to police our way out of drug use, but if you can’t keep drugs out of prisons, you won’t keep them out of festivals.
    People who use party drugs like MDMA have often never spoken to a drug counsellor and remain unaware of the harms associated with their use.
    The ‘just say no’ approach alienates and disenfranchises these people. It makes engaging with them in a way they understand far more difficult.
    We need to focus on policy that has proven to reduce the harms of drug use around the world.
    Twenty years of evidence shows us the true value of pill testing is that it provides opportunities for expert counsellors to intervene and educate those who use party drugs.
    Evidence from Europe, the United Kingdom and North America shows pill testing reduces drug use, overdoses and minimises harm, and may very well save lives.
    And if it saves just one life this summer, it’s worth it.
    Please support this Bill and bring pill testing to Victoria!

    A campaign of Dr Tim Read MP – Member for Brunswick.
    Authorised by T. Read, 1/31 Nicholson St, Brunswick East VIC 3057. Funded from Parliamentary Budget.