How would pill testing work in Victoria?
Pill testing isn’t just about letting you know whether the pill you plan to take contains what you expect it to contain.
It links you up with peer support workers who are trained to help you make informed decisions.
Did you know that MDMA in high doses can be fatal?
And did you know that common anti-depressant medications increase the risk of MDMA toxicity?
The ‘just say no’ approach makes finding solid information on drugs hard to come by, so in the time it takes to have your drugs checked, pill testing services team you up with a peer support worker to give you the low-down on keeping yourself and your mates safe.
For many, this is the first time they have spoken to an expert on harm reduction and they find the information invaluable. This is what makes ‘front of house’ pill testing so effective.

A campaign of Dr Tim Read MP – Member for Brunswick.
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