Police conduct

There have been numerous reports from around Australia of police using excessive and unnecessary force at festivals, clubs and in public.
We have heard reports of underage people being stripped naked and forced to expose their genitals, underage people being taken to private areas and strip searched without a guardian or support person present, police spear tackling patrons for simply passing a cigarette lighter, commuters on their way to work strip searched and humiliated on busy train platforms, drug sniffer dogs falsely identifying patrons, and more.
If you have witnessed or been involved in an incident where you believe police have used excessive or unnecessary force at festivals or clubs, please let us know by completing the form below.
Your information may be used to help the campaign to bring pill testing to Victoria and stop police abusing their powers. Your report will remain anonymous and we will not publish or pass on your personal information unless we contact you and receive your express permission.
Please note that this is not a formal complaint process. If you would like to make a formal complaint about police conduct, please visit the IBAC website or complaints section of the Victoria Police website for more information.

Report an incident

    A campaign of Dr Tim Read MP – Member for Brunswick.
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